ESE 44 Paper Pods

Through careful and meticulous processing , a high quality coffee is born, enclosed in a magnificent paper pod , created with total respect for the environment and ecosystems. Discover the right coffee for you and choose how to give a touch of energy to your break.

Cialde Ese 44 Borbone

Taste and tradition come together to give you a unique flavor, in a simple 100% biodegradable paper pod . Ideal for your sweet afternoon breaks.

Cialde Ese 44 Lollo Caffè

A break with a special coffee full of aromas is possible thanks to the Ese 44 Lollo coffee pods .

Cialde Ese 44 Toraldo

For lovers of intense flavors , Toraldo coffee arrives directly in pods. Perfect for an energy boost.

Cialde Ese 44 Kimbo

All the tradition of the blend of the precious Kimbo coffee is now available in comfortable pods , made specifically for your breaks.

Cialde Ese 44 Lavazza

Soft and creamy taste , full of emotions. You can also find Lavazza coffee in paper pods, made in such a way as to preserve our environment .

Cialde Ese 44 Moreno

A perfect Neapolitan coffee . The right blend in a compact and simple pod , suited to your needs.

Cialde Ese 44 Kaffettera

With its delicious taste and comfortable now Kaffettera coffee you can also find in the paper pods comfortable format.

Cialde Ese 44 Caffè Molinari

All the love of the aroma of classic coffee in a perfect pod for your moments of relaxation.

Cialde Ese 44 Caffè Molinari

Passalacqua traditionally selects the best Arabica beans to create a  pod for a real  Neapolitan coffee at your home.

Cialde Ese 44 Kaffettera

Caffè Strega was born with the desire to offer a unique and unmistakable coffee. Let yourself be seduced by the creamy, intense and enveloping aroma in four different blends: Red, Blue, Gold and Decaffeinated.

Cialde Ese 44 Kaffettera

Sandemetrio delights everyone with A Modo Mio capsules of a selection of fine blends, made with natural ingredients and craftsmanship, perfect for a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

How are the pods composed?

Made from a simple wrapper of biodegradable fine paper, pods are the preferred solution for environmentalists. Why? Simple: it is a product that can be disposed of simply in nature and does not cause damage to ecosystems. A roasted and ground coffee is weighed and placed inside sheets of paper, which are then pressed and sealed, so as to contain the aroma inside the pod. A comfortable and practical solution for everyday life.

All a matter of "recycling"

An extraordinary feature of the paper pods is that they can be easily recycled. In fact, if you empty the coffee inside, they can be as good as new and are ready to contain new coffee. An ideal answer for all problems concerning the protection of the environment, continuously damaged by plastic. By adopting this solution it is possible to reduce the pollution caused by us, with the use of a simple paper filter.

An economical product

One of the main features of paper pods is their economy. By comparing this type of coffee storage and the capsules, we can immediately see how the latter can have a much higher price. Depends on what? From the processing and the material used, in fact, the plastic that makes up the capsules is subjected to numerous manufacturing processes, in addition to the fact that the raw material itself is more expensive. So would you like to enjoy a good coffee, but want to spend little? Choose the pods, to take care of the environment and above all of yourself.