They have been experts in the coffee sector for 60 years . A careful choice of raw materials characterizes it to give you all the taste of the true Neapolitan awakening . A unique and unmistakable flavor given by a craftsmanship in respect of the Neapolitan tradition made entirely by the Moreno company.

Moreno Cialde Ese 44

Produced with biodegradable materials , ese 44 pods contain all the taste of a good coffee. An extraordinary blend contained in a paper filter, perfect for an ideal break.

Moreno Lavazza a modo mio

The perfect awakening with an aromatic and sweet coffee. The Moreno blends contained in the Lavazza compatible capsules in my way manage to give you an imaginative boost for the whole day.

Moreno Nespresso

Moreno coffee capsules are available for Nespresso systems . A break full of flavors with a high quality coffee.

Moreno Lavazza Point

Moreno capsules are also compatible with the Lavazza Point system . An authentic and soft taste for a homemade coffee with love.

Moreno Nescafé Dolce Gusto

The Moreno coffee compatible capsules arrive for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto systems . A homemade coffee that contains all the aroma of that made at the bar.

Moreno Grani

For bars and restaurants comes Moreno coffee beans. With a careful selection of the best beans to give you all the taste of real Italian coffee.

Moreno Bialetti

For a little break you need a good coffee. Moreno offers you the capsules compatible with the Bialetti system , to give your break the right energy .

Moreno Bialetti

Caffè Moreno, with a long tradition in the production of high quality blends, has finally brought its quality into the comfortable and practical capsules compatible with the Esse Caffè system.

A tipically Neapolitan Arabian Taste

As the company's tradition dictates, the choice of the right blend derives from an accurate and meticulous study. Moreno Caffè chooses the best beans of 100% Arabica origin, so as to make its coffee special. The moment of grinding is the most important step: here all the knowledge and skills come together to ensure that you have the perfect blend. Tradition and innovation come together to give you an unmistakable flavor.

From a small cafe to an international company

It all started in 1960 in a small bar, but soon you will have one of the best coffee companies. The owner Ferdinando Percuoco decides to independently produce the necessary blends for sale. In the small area of ​​Casoria (Naples) with the help of two employees and limited equipment, the Moreno Caffè brand was born. After many years, during the boom of the 70s, the company expands and sells its fine coffee throughout Italy. In recent years it has also expanded to the world market.

Objective: to bring the Neapolitan coffee culture to the world

One of the principles of the company is the tradition in their coffee production. All the techniques and recipes are typical of the area. A quality product born from the union of innovation and tradition, capable of creating the perfect combination for the perfect coffee. To be enjoyed at home or seated at a bar table, the Moreno coffee embodies all the Neapolitan flavor in every sip.