Lollo Caffè is a company that has been operating in the sector for years to offer its customers an unmistakable taste. Traditionality and quality make its delicious blends stand out, capable of giving you the perfect coffee for any occasion. Lollo capsules are compatible with most of the machines on the market, in order to adapt to the needs of all its beloved customers.

Lollo Cialde ese 44

A coffee with a refined and unmistakable taste all in a pod with a paper filter with a diameter of 44. All the intense aroma that you can taste directly at your home, designed to give you the pleasure of coffee with a simple gesture.

Lollo caffè Lavazza a modo mio

Your ideal coffee has 4 shades, choose the one that best suits your palate and taste the right blend. All the creaminess in one capsule.

Lollo caffè Nespresso

A delicate taste for a delicious and affordable coffee. Lollo capsules are designed to give you all the typical flavor of the best blend: available in a single Nespresso capsule.

Lollo caffè Lavazza Point

A coffee that surpasses even that of the best bar. Directly to your home you can have the capsule with the ideal weight for a full Lavazza flavor. The new Lollo Lavazza Point capsules combine tradition and taste in a single course.

Lollo caffè Nescafè Dolce Gusto

The excellence of traditional coffee is now also available for Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines. Lollo offers a special flavor for a refined product.

Lollo caffè Grani

Perfect to be ground fresh, Lollo coffee beans are available for true coffee lovers. Ideal for baristas and restaurateurs who want to savor the classic Neapolitan taste of traditional coffee.

Lollo caffè Uno System

4 variations for an all-home coffee, but with the flavor of the one made at the bar. The capsules compatible with the Uno System, can give you all the fragrance of coffee in a single sip.

Lollo caffè Caffitaly

Coffee innovation can reach your homes directly. Caffitaly compatible capsules are perfect for a blend of a thousand flavors . Available with Black and Dek blend . Choose the novelty!

Lollo caffè Bialetti

All the quality of Lollo coffee now also available for your Bialetti machine. The right sprint in a single aluminum capsule.

Lollo caffè Domo Maranello

Toasted and finely processed to give you the ideal capsule for you. Available in the Black or Dek Lollo blend compatible with the Domo-Maranello machine. Choose according to your tastes, the flavor of the coffee you want for a dream break .

Lollo caffè Lavazza firma

Robust and full-bodied , Lollo coffee also adapts to the Lavazza Firma-Vitha machine, for an energy break directly at your home.

Lollo caffè Esse caffè

The new Esse Caffè compatible capsules arrive. A strong and aromatic blend to give your break the right boost .

Lollo caffè Macinato

Are you a lover of strong tastes, prepared by hand with care and dedication ? Lollo ground coffee is available, prepared in such a way as to preserve its aroma even days after opening. An unmistakable fragrance made for you.

solubili e bevande Lollo Caffè

For a simple break in company, nothing better than a tasty Lollo drink. Many novelties that adapt perfectly to your palate.

Lollo caffè Kit e accessori

The best Lollo coffee branded kit. Perfect for bringing home all the taste and accessories of a real bar coffee . Now stirrers, sugar and glasses are available directly for you!

Lollo caffè Lavazza Bidose

Two capsules in one : double coffee in one pack. The Lollo blend compatible with Lavazza bidose, for a coffee with friends .

Lollo caffè Lavazza Blue

Un gusto forte e deciso, per un caffè dall’aroma inconfondibile. Elaborato e studiato per le macchine da caffè Lavazza Blue, il vero gusto del caffè viene concentrato in una capsula, adatta per una tenera pausa.

Why choose Lollo coffee?

We talk about high quality products: a coffee chosen and processed according to your tastes. Available in different fragrances and aroma intensities, a soft and simple coffee is offered. The company adapts its own coffee to all machines, in order to give you the right coffee for the right time. A set of knowledge that has made it possible to give the customer all the comfort of a tender restaurant. Studied and worked to satisfy both at home and at the bar.

Accessories for an ideal break

Do you have coffee but don't have the right accessories? Lollo provides you with a fantastic kit! Whether you are at home, in the company or at the bar, this fantastic product allows you to always be ready to enjoy your coffee. Running out of scoops and sugar: no problem, kits are available to suit your needs. After all, a coffee needs the right accessories to be savored.

Quality is always compatible

Lollo coffee pods and capsules adapt perfectly to your machine. Don't worry about the type, there are capsules for all types. Numerous variations allow you to obtain an aromatic coffee by adopting all possible solutions. Professionalism and care for taste come together to create a wide range of products, ideal for your coffee break. To your home to bring you quality directly in the cup.