Kimbo translates into traditional and avant-garde . Innovative systems choose the best beans to give you a soft coffee directly to your home. All the taste of Neapolitan coffee in a cup. A perfect break with an aroma to be enjoyed in company.

Kimbo Cialda Ese 44

Biodegradable, practical and comfortable , for a completely homemade coffee. Kimbo also offers the innovative Ese 44 Pods for quality coffee respecting the environment.

Kimbo Nespresso

A simple and delicate coffee for a sweet awakening with Nespresso compatible Kimbo capsules . An ideal product to energize every morning.

Kimbo Lavazza a modo mio

Taste and tradition come together to give you an ideal coffee to be offered to your guests. Compatible with the Lavazza a Modo Mio system , this blend offers you all the qualities and joy of a moment in company.

Kimbo Nescafè Dolce Gusto

A unique and unmistakable aroma given by a careful selection of the best Kimbo blends, all enclosed in a capsule. Also available for the Nescafé Dolce Gusto system , for a perfect break .

Kimbo Uno System

Kimbo capsules also come for the renewed Uno System . A traditional coffee with a soft and refined flavor , ideal to be enjoyed in company.

Kimbo Lavazza Point

Kimbo is also compatible with Lavazza Point systems . A creamy and robust coffee for a perfect break in our bad moments. All the quality of a fine blend in a brand new capsule.

Kimbo Lavazza Blue

Kimbo adapts to everything, even your Lavazza Blue machine . A breakfast with all the trimmings thanks to an aromatic and light coffee .

Kimbo Grani

Kimbo coffee beans comes straight from the big crops, cared for with love and dedication . A grinding made directly with your hands is perfect , for a preparation made entirely at home.

A bit of history

Starting as early as 1963, Kimbo chooses the best blends for you. A traditional process with innovative techniques to choose all the quality to offer you. A sweet and full-bodied taste, just like Neapolitan coffee.

Naples in the cup

The Kimbo goal? Bring the typical Neapolitan coffee all over the world and make known all the aroma of the Made in Italy product. Sold all over the world, it is the result of careful processing in respect of the environment. A coffee made with passion that embodies all the Neapolitan tradition, to make it known to the whole world.

Modernity of blends

A complete evolution of taste has accompanied Kimbo all these years. All the workers worked tirelessly to correct every little mistake and choose the best coffee beans. A product from a different era, revisited and improved to give a Neapolitan awakening all over the world.