The Sandemetrio herbal factory transforms the best medicinal plants into high quality semi-finished and finished products: infusions, teas, herbal teas and food supplements. The foundations of the company were laid in the fertile and clayey land of Salento, the same on which all the raw materials at the base of Sandemetrio products are nourished.

Sandemetrio infusions offer an unparalleled tea and herbal tea experience in 44mm Ese Filter Paper Pods. The Lecce-based company transforms the best plants into high quality products.

Sandemetrio delights everyone with A Modo Mio capsules of a selection of fine blends, made with natural ingredients and craftsmanship, perfect for a moment of relaxation and pleasure.

Sandemetrio artisan infusions are prepared with care and dedication using natural and high quality ingredients, they offer a unique aromatic and gustatory experience, often made from carefully selected herbs, flowers, fruits and spices.