Lollo Coffee

Lollo Coffee
75 Capsules Lavazza Bidose Lollo Black Blend
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Lollo Coffee

75 Capsules Lavazza Bidose Lollo Black Blend

Lollo Caffè
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Lavazza Bidose Lollo Black Blend Capsules A blend with a strong taste and full of energy with the right touch of Robusta to give strength and body to the cup. An essential and sincere coffee, to awaken all the senses with an irresistible creaminess and the sprint of its intense aftertaste. Blend: 50 Arabica and 50 Robusta Capsules are compatible with...

Caffè Lollo is the classic brand of the Neapolitan tradition , the intense aromas and refined taste allow you to bring the taste of real coffee to the table. Choose the Caffè Lollo quality in the different formats to savor a real moment of pleasure. Caffè Lollo in beans, capsules or pods is compatible with all coffee systems and allows you to choose the most popular variety and flavour. Caffè Lollo is the flagship of the Italian roasting company, the most prominent company in Campania that places attention to the customer and market demands at the center of its production. A feature that has allowed the company to become one of the most important coffee roasters in the sale and distribution, not only in Italy but throughout the world.

lollo coffee: the varieties

Choosing the right blend allows you to bring a cup full of flavor to the table, order the quality Caffè lollo in grains black blend if you prefer a strong taste and a cup full of strength. Nero is the ideal blend for those who can't do without the sprint and energy of early morning coffee, you can put on the table a cup with an essential taste, full-bodied and creamy at the right point. The lollo Nero coffee blend is available not only in beans for the classic traditional espresso, but also in capsules or pods compatible with the Lavazza and Nespresso systems.

lollo coffee suitable for special occasions

Caffè lollo produces the variety of Gold Coffee, sophisticated and full of taste, a luxury that you can indulge in moments of relaxation. The greater quantity of Arabica present in the blend infuses a precious aroma that makes the cup of Gold Blend Coffee unmistakable. Creamy and rich in taste, it inebriates the senses and confuses the tastes of the most expert connoisseur. An absolutely must-try variety in the company of friends to enjoy a delicious break.

lollo coffee: the traditional classic

The flagship of Campania Caffè lollo offers an unmistakable classic blend, a variety of honeyed flavors and aromas that recalls coffee time at grandma's house. An unmistakable aroma and an ideal cup at any time of the day are the characteristics that make the Caffè lollo Classico blend the most loved by customers.

Caffè lollo blend dec

Caffè lollo also has the solution for those who drink decaffeinated coffee, a well-formulated and balanced blend that preserves all the taste and strength of coffee even without caffeine. The ideal solution for connoisseurs who cannot give up the energy of coffee even after dinner.