With Lavazza Blue you can have the feeling of bringing the bar into your office or home. Lavazza Blue machines, thanks to the patented Espressure system, offer the guarantee of a coffee with an intense and balanced flavor just like that of the bar. Lavazza Blue capsules allow to satisfy the tastes of all consumers thanks to the wide range of coffees and drinks.

The Classic blend capsules of Caffè Toraldo compatible with the Lavazza Blue system with over 90% Arabica are characterized by a dark roast, a persistent creaminess, an intense aroma and a strong taste ideal for an immediate recharge of energy.

The Lollo coffee capsules compatible with the Lavazza Blue line machines are available in 4 different blends to meet the different needs of all customers. We have the black blend capsules with an intense and decisive taste, gold that is creamy and velvety, classic with a soft and round and decaffeinated taste .

Kimbo Espresso Napoli capsules compatible for Lavazza Blue bring to your home an espresso with an intense and balanced flavor and a strong hint of chocolate and dried fruit typical of the true Neapolitan espresso.