The Swiss brand Nespresso made its debut on the Italian market in the mid-1980s, presenting itself to the general public as one of the first machines for preparing real espresso at home. Over the years, the rise of the Nespresso brand has been dizzying and today it is by far the most widespread in the world . There are many Nespresso coffee blends available to satisfy even the most demanding consumer.

The Borbone Respresso capsules , in the 5 available blends (Black, Gold, Red, Blue, Green) are perfect for those who, even at home, do not want to give up the intense and full-bodied taste and aroma of the classic Neapolitan espresso. 

Careful selection of raw materials and skilful processing make Lollocaffè capsules for the Nespresso system the ideal product to make your coffee break perfect at any time of the day.

The real Neapolitan espresso with a strong and full-bodied taste finally arrives at your home thanks to Toraldo capsules perfectly compatible with your Nespresso machine. Available in 4 different blends to suit the tastes of the whole family.

Always synonymous with quality, Kimbo coffee is the ideal product for those who love strong flavors and do not want to give up the pleasure of good coffee. Kimbo compatible capsules for Nespresso machines are the perfect synthesis between tradition and innovation.

Lavazza capsules for the Nespresso system bring to your home the wise research of raw materials and the mastery of roasting and grinding that have made Lavazza coffee one of the most loved in Italy over the years.

The Moreno coffee comes from a careful selection of coffee 100% arabica and craftsmanship in full respect of tradition. Thanks to the Moreno capsules for Nespresso you can savor the pleasure of a sweet and aromatic coffee but at the same time with an intense flavor.

The capsules of coffee POP Naos are perfectly compatible with your machine Nespresso ; thanks to the wide range of blends of coffee and drinks (hot and cold) you can make every moment of the day special.

For over 70 years, Passalacqua has been selecting the best Arabica blends  from all over the world to bring a coffee with a unique and unmistakable aroma to our cups. With the capsules for Nespresso machines you can experience the taste of always feeling at the bar .

The intense taste and strong aroma make Kaffettera capsules perfect for when you need an injection of energy to better face the day. Finally you can find compatible Kaffettera capsules also for your Nespresso machine.