Capsule Per Lavazza A Modo Mio

Lavazza a Modo Mio is one of the most popular espresso capsule production systems thanks to the ease of use of the machines ( Jolie, Desea, Minù, Tiny ) and the skilful research and selection of raw materials. The range of blends available for Lavazza a Modo Mio has grown considerably over the years to meet the needs of all consumers who will be able to choose their favorite coffee based on intensity, creaminess and roasting .

The Borbone Don Carlo capsules are perfectly compatible with your Lavazza a Modo Mio machine! You can choose between 5 blends and 4 drinks (barley, lemon tea, ginseng and macchiato coffee) according to your tastes to make your coffee break a magical moment.

PassioneMio capsules are the line that Lollocaffè has created to adapt perfectly to Lavazza a Modo Mio machines. You can find them in 5 different blends (Gold, Silver, Classic, Black, Dek) which all differ in intensity and degree of toasting .

Caffè Toraldo with its 4 blends (Classic, Aromatic, Gourmet 100% Arabica and Decaffeinato) has been bringing Neapolitan espresso all over the world for over 50 years. Toraldo coffee capsules are a guarantee of perfect taste and quality for every moment of the day.

A typically Neapolitan high quality coffee perfect for your breakfast or a break from work, now compatible for systems my way. A fragrant and tasty blend , ideal for you and the people you love the most.

With Lavazza a Modo Mio capsules you can enjoy a coffee with an intense and decisive taste just like that of the bar from the comfort of your home. Each Lavazza a Modo Mio capsule is single-dose and is vacuum-packed to preserve the taste and aroma of the coffee.

A full- bodied coffee full of energy, to give you the right boost for your days. A unique flavor obtainable thanks to compatible capsules in lavazza a modo mio

Intense taste and careful processing come together to create the right capsule for you, now also compatible with systems in my way. Ideal for a break with all the trimmings.

A coffee with a taste decided and perfume aroma that enlivens your work breaks. The perfect capsule is now compatible with your machine my way.

A creamy Passalacqua coffee for a refined and captivating espresso perfect for your machine a modo mio lavazza

Capsules in Modo Mio Vergnano The new capsules are compatible with Lavazza a Modo Mio coffee machines for domestic use

Sandemetrio delights everyone with A Modo Mio capsules of a selection of fine blends, made with natural ingredients and craftsmanship, perfect for a moment of relaxation and pleasure.