The true Neapolitan blend for an all-Italian coffee. Each bean is processed and chosen by the best experts to be able to give you all the taste of a coffee branded Kaffettera .

Kaffettera Cialde Ese 44

A sweet and fragrant coffee for an ideal break. Available in biodegradable pods created with total respect for the environment, Kaffettera offers you a unique aroma in a simple paper filter.

Kaffettera Nespresso

A perfect coffee to face a hard day's work, thanks to Kaffettera . With its capsules compatible with Nespresso systems , you can have all the flavor of real coffee directly at your home.

Kaffettera Nescafè dolce gusto

A unique aroma given by the careful processing of coffee blends, for a dream awakening . The Kaffettera coffee capsules are now compatible with the Nescafé Dolce Gusto systems , to give you all the pleasure of a good coffee .

Kaffettera Lavazza A modo mio

For a pleasant break in company, nothing better than a Kaffettera coffee . Thanks to its capsules compatible with Lavazza machines in my way , you will have the right sprint to improve your day.

Kaffettera Lavazza Point

An innovative capsule containing all the flavor of a real Italian coffee. Kaffettera coffee is now compatible with Lavazza Point systems . A delicate and soft flavor ideal for a splendid awakening.

The evolution of processing

New in the roasting sector, the Kaffettera company specializes in this field by offering its customers a high quality product. A perfect break with a coffee full of aromas to prepare both at home and in the office. A wide choice of products perfect for you. An unmistakable and unique taste created by the union of traditional techniques and those given by innovation. An evolution of the flavor of the classic Italian coffee, given by the meticulous processing of the individual beans. Compatible with most systems sold on the international market, real coffee arrives directly at your home.

An all-Neapolitan flavor

A strong and full-bodied taste characterizes the Kaffettera blends. An elegant and refined coffee capable of taking you directly to Naples. All the traditionality of coffee enclosed in a container created with total respect for nature. Every single capsule or pod is produced through a laborious manufacturing process with attention to the smallest details in order to give all the flavor of the typical coffee in a simple cup to our home. An awakening made with the smell of the true Neapolitan aroma.

Unique inexpensive flavor

Despite the laborious processing that allows the production of this product, Kaffettera offers its coffee at a competitive price. All the flavor of real Neapolitan coffee now arrives directly at your home and at a reduced price. Savor the refined taste of coffee directly from Naples.