With Passalacqua you can have all the pleasure of enjoying a coffee with friends even at home. The Neapolitan tradition and the quality of traditional processing by choosing the best beans combine to give you the flavor of an excellent quality coffee. Many consider Passalacqua as the coffee of connoisseurs , lovers of the taste of real coffee. Will they be right? You just have to try it!

Passalacqua Cialde Ese 44

Toasted and processed with care, Passalacqua coffee is available in 100% biodegradable pods , created with respect for nature. For an exclusive aroma directly in the cup at your home.

Passalacqua Nespresso

An energetic and soft coffee capable of giving you a high quality flavor for your palate. The Passalacqua capsules are now available for systems Nespresso , to be able to enjoy the true essence of the Neapolitan tradition.

Passalacqua Grani

Selected and packaged with innovative techniques , Passalacqua coffee beans are the best for artisanal grinding . Ideal for bars and restaurants, the aromas and strong roasting makes the final product a specialty for your afternoon breaks.

Passalacqua Macinato

Created especially for you, in order to give you all the aroma of Neapolitan ground coffee . Packaged with care to retain the fragrance and authentic flavor , Passalacqua coffee allows you to have the original Neapolitan quality directly at your home .

Passalacqua Macinato

A coffee created by Passalacqua for lovers of Nescafe Dolce Gusto, finally you can savor the best Italian coffee also in Dolce Gusto Compatible format. Recommended for those who love sugar-free coffee especially with top quality Arabica blends

Passalacqua Macinato

Created by Passalacqua Roasters the new capsule A modo mio Passalacqua capsule, the best Arabica coffees blended for a chocolaty espresso to be made with your Lavazza a Modo Mio machine

Coffee Passalacqua: everything starts from the plantations

A 100% Arabica coffee to make you savor a high quality product. The choice is carefully made among about 80 species of coffee plants available, so as to choose the best beans. Passalacqua selects the coffee directly from their place of production, in order to satisfy the needs of all its most loved customers. Countless flavors contained in a single blend, carefully prepared immediately after the harvest is done entirely by hand.

Passlacqua pods: the only traditional coffee

Passalacqua offers you a wide choice of coffee blends that best suit the needs of true taste lovers. The first coffee in the morning is the most important and the one that gives us more energy to face the day, with Passalacqua you can relive all the Neapolitan tradition from the early hours of the day. To be done with the traditional Neapolitan coffee maker or with a system that uses pods, coffee is the essence of us Italians and allows us to have the perfect combination of sprint and flavor in a single cup.

A story thath has lasted for 70 years

Founded as a simple family business in 1948, the company has specialized in the production of high quality coffee. A historical brand that brings the Neapolitan tradition all over the world, thanks to the typical processing techniques of the place. Every single blend is made to give you a relaxing break at the right time. All the quality of handcrafted coffee directly to your home.